NSRA, Shakespeare Raceway

Hot Rod Drags NSRA Shakespeare Raceway Event & Racing

Organised by the NSRA and Shakespeare County Raceway, another hot rod meet rolled up into a weekend of nostalgia style drag racing. Run what ya brung for pre-1973 cars. Hot rods, customs, Outlaw Anglias, dragsters, altereds, gassers, and the flathead meltdown!

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The Raceway (Video)
The Cars and Owners (video)

Fire Tyre Burnout,Hot Pursuit, koosier, Bootlegger, BDS, Lucas, Anglia, Twister, Banshee, Flyin’Fyfer, Barn Stormer, Acute Angle, Scott Crookerton, Shorty’s Hot Rod, Double Density, Dragsters, Mental Breakdown,

Hot Rod Drags - NSRA Shakespeare County Raceway 2016
Hot Rod Drags - NSRA Shakespeare County Raceway 2016

Under the Bonet of Owners Cars

See under the bonnet , Big Engines, a whole load of American Cars at the event.
Watch Mechanics working on their cars getting them ready.

Every year owners of Street Rods, American Muscle Machines and out-and-out race car nostalgia attend the special NSRA co-ordinated event in three action packed days of ‘street legal drag racing’ for pre ’73 high dollar hot rods and big block custom cars racing.

Hot Rod Drags - NSRA Shakespeare County Raceway 2016
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Hot Rod Drags - NSRA Shakespeare County Raceway 2016

Thing 6, Koosier, Futura, DC customs, Race Cars, L.A, UK Blowers, Straightliners, Mark Watts, Steve Dale, Anglia, Scott Crookeron, Flyin’Fyfer, Surrey Customs, Agent Orange, Dave Sidaway,Poison Dwarf, Eurodragster, Autosport, Twitchin Tot, Plymouth, Duster, Michelle Mc, Double Density, Sam Freeman, Ford Pop, Chevrolet, Desoto, Powermaster, Whtewall, Barbaracuda, Slackers.

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